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This project is currently abandoned

I don't know where I was going with it, other than potentially making it into an online multiplayer game. Obviously, that is currently out of my skillset, and the code of the Love2D version is in dire need of a complete refactor before that's even a possibility. I'll probably rebuild it in Unity or MonoGame if and when I decide to do that.
Drone fight is a work-in-progress top-down shooter where you control a space drone to compete against others and bring back the most minerals. There are downloads available at the bottom of the page. The ones starting with "gm" were made in Gamemaker and the rest of them were made with LOVE2D.


Keyboard And Mouse: - Space to accelerate - Mouse to aim - Left mouse button to shoot Controller: - Controller must be connected before starting game - Compatible with Xbox One and PS4 controllers - Left or right stick to move and aim - Any face button, trigger or bumper to shoot Gamemaker Version: - WASD to move - Mouse to aim - Left mouse to shoot




Drone Fight Changelog 0.2 - Fixed red border flickering - Changed how the camera works 0.1 - Initial release Gamemaker Version: 1.11 - Enemies drop life ups sometimes - New sounds for lasers and other things 1.10 - Added title screen music - Enemies are more resilient now (3 hits instead of 1) - Scoreboard to save your score - Replaced options button with score button 1.9 - It's widescreen now! - Play area is bigger now - Also more enemies - Menu redesign - Added health capsules that drop when you smash into enemies 1.8 - Stopped multiplying asteroids - Added particles to replace explosions - Added laser particles 1.7 - Graphics update stage 3 - Asteroids multiply but stick together - Added background music 1.6 - Removed comet - Fixed controls - Smashing into enemies gives you more health - Asteroids are solid now 1.5 - Added a comet for some reason - Comet causes game to crash 1.4 - Made asteroids move around 1.3 - Graphics update stage 2 - Added laser and exploding sounds 1.2 - Graphics update stage 1 1.1 - Made asteroids rotate - Asteroids explode after being hit 10 times - Enemies explode after colliding with player 1.0 - Initial Version