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You have nine lives. Make them count.
Ninja Cat Remewstered is a challenging fast-paced platformer where a lone cat seeks to take down the big bosses of the world, navigating through levels using his headband as a grappling hook. Starting with only the shuriken on hand, he will find tools throughout his journey, laying claim to gold while he's at it! ...But beware! There are a variety of relentless enemies and hazards that will stand between you and your goals. Features:
  • 21 stages to complete. Steal the gems by destroying their electrified cages!
  • Use the grappling hook, shuriken, sword dash and double jump to sprint your way through each stage.
  • A palette of modifiers to change up the game, making it easier or harder, as well as separated local leaderboards for each combination.
    • Easy Mode, Leave No Evidence, Gold Rush, New Game Plus, and more!
  • Customise the way you play with a raft of accessibility options that don't affect scoring, so you can change the game to work for you.
  • Full support for keyboard, controller (Xbox, Switch, Steam Input tested) and touch input, as well as for remapping controls and rearranging the touch layout.
Ninja Cat Remewstered is a remastered version of the original PICO-8 game with improved graphics, control options, accessibility settings and additional content.

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