Welcome to my website! I make fun games for you to play, if you like them you can support me by purchasing titles from the Pixel Shock itch.io page! You can also find many of them on the Lexaloffle BBS! - cubee


May 2022: ART. - cubee Have some more. April 2022: It's been a while. - cubee New logo. New navbar. New art. New games. So much new stuff! ALSO, what's this Everlost Isle thing? (By the way, if the page is messed up and you've visited before, try hitting CTRL+F5 to force reload. That might fix it.) 12-6-2021: Speedrunning. - cubee Added a speedrunning tab with some tips for Ninja Cat speedruns, and updated the PICO-8 Carts page 20-2-2020: Some new marshmallow things. - cubee Added some new art, updated the Marshmallow Infinity game selection screen and fixed a bug in Marshmallow Plus. 23-1-2020: A game about marshmallows. - cubee Added a new page with a new endless platformer game called Marshmallow Infinity. 27-11-2019: A little update. - cubee A 3DS homebrew remake of infinitescroll.py and some small text changes. 13-11-2019: New python programs, website updates. - cubee Added some python programs that I made recently to the Misc tab and updated some of the page header images. Added a gallery to most of the pages. 13-10-2019: Art and Pico Pixel Jump. - cubee Updated Pico Pixel Jump using some of the secret palette colours to make it closer to the TIC-80 version, added some new art. Pages now sort properly. 2-10-2019: PICO-8 demos and bugfixes. - cubee Fixed incorrect view area in Jelpi Party and added some demo cartridges. 26-9-2019: Games and updates! - cubee Added some new PICO-8 games and updated Drone Fight. 17-9-2019: New Art & Misc pages. - cubee We have added some new pages for artwork and other programs that don't really need their own page. 13-9-2019: Site Relaunch, More Games! - cubee Today we are proud to relaunch the site with a new look and new content. The new design will make it easier for us to update the site with new additions and new titles. Take a look around and download anything you find interesting, we would be interested to hear any feedback, you can contact through @shShockDig on twitter.