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Bored in my room and inspired by Dani's Oculus Milk video, I decided to create my own Beat Saber clone in a week that could be played in a similar fashion by using cardboard/phone VR emulation software such as Trinus cardboard or iVRy or whatever else. It probably works fairly similarly to his version, but this one is made inside PICO-8, making it the first PICO-8 game designed for VR. Sort of. There is no music! Credits: - Simple FPS controller by MBoffin - - p01's trifill() function

Motion sickness warning!

This is low resolution (128x128), low-ish framerate (60fps is low for VR), one screen (VR has 2 for depth), very much uncalibrated (your head motion likely won't translate accurately), and requires you to move your face around a fair bit! IF you do decide to try this in VR, at the very least make sure you can handle all of those. Think of it like streaming a game designed for keyboard and mouse at 15fps while playing it with a controller or something. This is far from a finished game: there's no actual music, the notes are random, and the light show is fixed. Control it using the mouse cursor, you can switch to a mode better suited for cardboard VR in the pause menu (Enter/P). If you have PICO-8, the .p8 file is available in the Files section below. It has a few settings in the first code tab where you can adjust some options, like enable low-quality PCM samples of the original game's cut and miss sounds. The WebXR version in the Files section below has no controls other than moving your head, and it won't display inside the headset (you get to see the tutorial I followed to figure out WebXR instead) If you're using a Windows Mixed Reality headset, I believe VR mode only works on Edge. I have no idea if any other headsets work with WebXR either other than Quests, and you can't see it inside the headset anyway.