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These are some games and other programs I have made in PICO-8. Grapple through buildings stealing gold in Ninja Cat, shoot enemies to the beat in BEATWISE TRIGGER, find a way to escape in Ninjoe in the Dragon's Lair, sabotage a space ship mid-flight using a robot in B.R.E.A.K, and more! If you enjoy playing even one these, please consider supporting me by purchasing it!


The Downloads section down below contains tech demos and carts unreleased on itch.io. The carts above should have links back to their Lexaloffle pages. If you have a full copy of PICO-8, you can load them as normal. Otherwise, you can go to pico-8-edu.com and load them as directed:
  1. Right click the images and click "Save Image" to save the cart.
  2. Open PICO-8 and type "LOAD" to open the file browser.
  3. Select the downloaded cart image and it should open for you.