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oOo... What a mysterious page that just appeared here. Everlost Isle is a survival game I've been working on, largely inspired by other games like Terraria, Stardew Valley, and partially Don't Starve. At time of writing it's been over two years since I started development, from January 2021, and even more since the initial idea in 2018. I'm not entirely sure about what the story's supposed to be, but I suppose we don't need that yet. I mean, Terraria's doing just fine and its lore is comprised half of actual lore established after the fact and half of random Twitter posts. The idea (for now at least) is that the bosses will slowly progress into more bullet-hell style fights the further into the game you go, some of them might even be stationary targets. Prior to 2023's mob refactoring, the core mechanics were pretty much complete; you could break things, craft things, place structures, attack and be attacked by mobs, and even travel to another dimensions through a portal. There were even 3 bosses fully implemented (Nenene, Heides, and Shivera), and the remaining planned bosses were spawnable, so you could technically complete the game though they only had the default chaser AI. It's built with MonoGame, which funnily enough is the same framework Stardew Valley uses, and the music I'm currently using is from opengameart.org and a free music pack by Muchkin Music, released under CC BY. I might post some extra information about gameplay, characters, story, etc later on, and make a proper announcement on Twitter once I have a demo/early version ready for release on itch.io. Also, suggestions are welcome, send them to me! (Social links are under the Links button!) I can't guarantee they'll make it in, obviously, but I'll definitely make an effort to consider them. For now, Anyway, here, have some screenshots and such. A lot of them are outdated, but what can you do. If you want to see what I'm up to, there's a Trello board here.